Common Questions

How many people can you accommodate?

We get wedding parties from all over the world. Whether or not you are planning a small private event in your back yard or a destination wedding, we are here for you.


Wedding party size

  • You are welcome to come to salon and get ready here. We will provide tea or coffee and a comfortable private atmosphere for getting ready. Ask about renting our space for your bridal suite. This is for wedding parties of any size.

  • For smaller private events we are happy to make getting ready fun and relaxing. Come to the salon and enjoy tea or coffee. We have a cute space for getting ready photos and a large bathroom to change. This is perfect for small groups without a private suite. Our clients and team are welcoming and it keep costs down.

  • If you are opting for a Mountain destination wedding, or have a large bridal party, we can travel to you. We will need plenty of time to block our schedules for traveling, so let us know as soon as you’ve booked your venue and bridal suite. This is a good option for parties of 4 or more.

How long before my wedding should I schedule a trial run?

Trial runs are included with your bridal package. If your wedding is planned for next year and you’d like to change your haircut or color let our team get you there. That way there are no surprises. Our talented group of stylist can help you maintain healthy hair ready for your look. The same goes for your bridal party. Send them to us and we’ll give them 10% off any haircut or color.


Trial run

  • 3 months prior to wedding day

  • Bring photos of group style and person up-dos you like

  • Use recommended products to maintain healthy hair



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